Children's Books

At Red Knight, our passions have always been books & games (We didn't work all those years as booksellers for nothing). We are absolutely thrilled to bring you our newest collection of Children's books from new & upcoming undiscovered Celtic authors we know that readers of all ages are going to fall in love with!

We are thrilled to announce that we are now representing Derry-born artist & author, Anthony Cooley and helping to debut his first book, Who Lives on the Moon. Anthony is an incredible talent (We should know, we hired him once when we worked together for Apple Inc.) and his book has been hugely well received on school visits in Northern Ireland where children, parents & teachers have all delighted in learning about Charlie and his adventures. 

Supporting emerging talent is at the core of what we do and we make it our quest to find hidden gems that we know others will fall in love with too & Miss Rebekah McCrorie, is going to be the next Scottish literary sensation. When we met Rebekah and her Dad Tom (he gets to illustrate the incredible worlds that Rebekah creates) this week in Ayrshire, not only were we blown away that Rebekah has not only written two books Elliot's Wings & Monster Monster but incredibly, Rebekah is only 13 years old (and still makes time for school & martial arts)

We have loved every page of these books so much that we are putting our Knights to work to support them and we know that these will become your next book shelf favourites!