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We believe Play is most productive when shared.

Confidence, communication, teamwork and sharing are all enhanced when children play in groups but we know that school resources are stretched. 

We are education authority approved stockists and to reward our schools we are in a position to offer our incredible classroom bundle box at significant discount so that schools can spread the play within the classrooms and through independent play when focus and concentration are key.

We have tailored this box so that schools will receive games which enhance all of the below but through stealth education: 


* Literacy

* Numeracy

* Memory rRecall

* Visual Perception 

* History 

* General Knowledge

* Problem Solving

Each box will contain 30 items & games will come in multiples so that larger groups can play interdependently and each box will also contain one Award-winning mystery Guest Game per quarterly subscription.

The normal retail Value of this box would be £350.00

We are offering schools the opportunity to grab this first quarterly bundle for the incredible price of £250.00

Bundle boxes are limited and a maximum of 3 per school will be applied. 

** Additional games may be purchased individually or in bulk by contacting the Red Knight sales team on