Qwicket - The Cricket Card Game

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  • Love cricket? You'll love Qwicket! A fast-paced card game where you go head to head with your opponent to score the most runs!
  • Ages: 7 and up |10 minutes to play | 2 players | Aim: To make the most runs in 3 overs
  • Easy to learn, easy to play! Great for kids as well as adults
  • Quick, Fun and Easy card game based on cricket
  • Makes a great gift — a perfect stocking stuffer!

Product description


Aim: To score the most runs in 3 overs

Ages: 7+

Number of Players: 2

Time: 10 minutes


Batting Deck: 18 cards

Bowling Deck: 18 cards

2 Reference cards

1 Third Umpire card Out and Not Out cards

Rules Sheet

To Begin:

Toss a coin. The player who wins the toss chooses to either bat or bowl.

Both the Batsman and Bowler: Look at the set of 18 Batting cards and then choose any 6 out of the 18 cards (for each over. Total 3 overs). The remaining cards are kept aside facedown. Do not reveal any cards to your opponent.

How to Play:

Play simultaneously. Each player chooses 1 card from their hand to play at the same time. The outcome of the cards depends on which card has been played by either side.

Batsman: When you score runs, keep the card face-up in a Runs Deck If you do not score any runs keep the card facedown in the same Runs deck If and when a wicket is taken, the card is kept facedown in a new deck. This is the Wickets Deck

Bowler: All cards when played stay face-up. This is the Delivery Deck

After the last cards are played, add up the runs to reveal the final score. Players then switch sides and play the 3 overs again.

To win:

Make1 run more than the other team

Taking Wickets: Batsman: When a Bowling card takes a wicket, turn the Runs card facedown and keep it aside. 3 wickets end the innings

Third Umpire: This can only be done ONCE during the game

The bowler shuffles the Out & Not Out cards places them face down. The Batsman selects one card, which is then flipped over to reveal the outcome.

Scoring: Batsman: Count all the face-up Runs cards to get the total score.

Detailed Instructions included in the game