Farm Rescue

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The silly wolf is at it again! The farm animals have nothing to fear, because Farm Rescue is here! Farm Rescue is a co-op game for small children, but adults will enjoy it too. In an interesting twist on the classic memory game, the cards in Farm Rescue are initially face up and are gradually placed face-down. Families will have a great time as they cooperate in remembering the locations of different animals.

*Artwork in the video is not final



Full rules below

On their turn, players roll both dice and depending on the results, do the following:

If a player rolls a combination of dice showing both an animal and a color of a tile that is face up, they must flip this tile face down. If a player rolls a combination that has already been placed face down, then all players work together to determine where that tile is, and flip it face up.

• If a player made the correct choice (the tile matches the dice combination), the Farmer moves one space forward.

• If a player made the wrong choice (the tile does not match the dice combination), the Wolf moves one space forward.

When players either manage to turn all of their animal tiles face down before the Wolf enters the Farm, or if the Farmer reaches the same space where the Wolf’s figure currently is, the Farm is rescued and the players win!

If the Wolf enters the Farm, and if there is at least one tile face up, the Wolf is the winner!


  • 2 Custom Dice

  • 25 Animal Tiles

  • 3 Empty Tiles (Which can be used as replacements or you can draw your own version of a farm animal to use in the game)

  • 1 Game Board (Assembled from 4 pieces)

  • 2 Plastic Figures