Five-A-Side Football Card Game

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Brand New Fiveaside Football Card Game

The 'beautiful game' in beautiful 8-bit design.

Based on the '5-a-side' format of the game played all over the world, a fun, fast and nostalgic game for football (soccer) 'heads' - featuring cult players from recent years in 8-bit style.

With ALL ORIGINAL ARTWORK, you build your best 5-a-side team from a deck of current and classic players and score goals/points by having the team that totals the most stars at 'Kick-off'. More on mechanic and rules below.

Gameplay summary:

- You are dealt 5 cards each
- Players take turns to draw a player card, then a referee card
- The aim build a legitimate formation of GK - DF - MF - MF - ST, then you can initiate a Kick-Off, where all players lay their cards down & the player with the most stars total scores a goal.

- First to 5 goals wins. But the Referee cards are designed to make that tricky and fun!

2-4 Players

Full details including gameplay video can be found on the original Kickstarter page;