Football Fortunes - The Football Manager Game You Play With Friends and Family

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The worlds only multiplayer football management game is back!

Pummel your friends in the league, destroy your family in the cups and take your world beaters on a conquest across Europe. Experience all of the ups and downs of football management from the comfort of your living room in the official reboot of the 1980s classic Brian Clough's Football Fortunes. With a 90 minute minimum playtime and room for up to 6 players Football Fortunes is perfect for a party night or for marathon sessions as players can play an unlimited number of seasons, taking their team to the top of the league, winning the cups and conquering Europe if they're really world beaters. Kids can play too with the game rated safe for players of age 7+ The game features 179 current Premier League player cards, the Football Fortunes app that helps players to deal with fixtures, league tables, manager points, selection problems, manager's luck cards and more.

This Kickstarter edition also features an additional Classic 1980s player pack of 1980s legends from the original game including such great players as Ian Rush, John Barnes, Glenn Hoddle, Bryan Robson, Gazza and many more.

Football Fortunes Board and Computer Game Players take turns with the app guiding them along and around the Football Fortunes game board. The board dictates their opportunities. Land on Selection Problems and you'll likely have issues with your playing squad. Land on Manager's Luck and your club will get a bonus or a bill that will either help with or drain your finances. If you're lucky you'll might get the opportunity to buy a player via a Free Agent auction or you could sign a promising new youth player from the Academy if you land on that square. Perhaps you've landed on Manage Staff? From there you'll be able to improve your coach's rating, hire a scout and skill up your youth players.

The aim of the game is to build up a great playing squad of both established and young players, skill up your staff, manage your formations and go for glory!