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Build Your Roboformer!

Build a robot and let him fire the pellets to hit targets or... build a vehicle, wind it up and watch it go!

Ages: 6+

Build Your Roboformer!

A car that can be turned into a robot... Just what your child dreamed of.

Smartivity Roboformers Rover-Bot 2-in-1 construction toy allows your child to construct two different toys using the same parts - a wind-up rover, and an attacking bot.

In the process, your child is introduced to core understanding of STEAM concepts like wind-up mechanism, gears, elasticity, torque, transfer of energy and laws of motion. It is a win-win either way.

Age: 6+
Inside the box
  • wooden parts
  • elastic bands
  • components
  • step-by-step illustrated construction manual
  • learning activities
Small parts
Warning Small parts