Weird Alchemy - The Madcap Card Game

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Weird Alchemy is a fast paced, highly competitive, game for three to six players.

Illustrated by Juan Moore, he has created 39 individual artworks that bring the game to life.

In the game, each player is an alchemist trying to take over the world through various means but with creating a new kind of creature at the core of their scheme. Unfortunately something went wrong in their lab and now they are trying to cover it all up.

On an alchemist's turn, they will play one of their pass cards if they have one and then draw a card. If an accident is drawn, players reveal their hands and any creatures are claimed by the player holding them. Magic can be used at this time also leading to weird and wonderful situations.

At the end of the game players score points for exposed creatures they have and cards in their hand. The player with the least points wins.